Sofia Goya

Graphic and Digital Designer

About Me

I'm Sofia. I'm a graphic and digital designer and I was born in Cordoba Argentina. My mother tongue is Spanish but I speak fluent Portuguese after living in São Paulo, Brazil for almost 2 years and fluent English after spending three years working as a graphic and web designer in Christchurch, New Zealand.

During my professional experience, I’ve worked for 3 different design companies. While I was finishing my Graphic Design career,  I started working for Grupo Quantum, a web and multimedia Agency. My job was to create corporate identity design as well as interface web design. In 2005 while I was studying Multimedia Design, I started working for ODDA, an Architecture and Design Company. At the beginning my job was mainly doing corporate identity design for different clients, but after a year I was in charge of the company’s graphic design team and managed its clients accounts. In 2008 I traveled to Christchurch, New Zealand. As soon as I arrived  I started working as a Graphic and Web Designer at Lachabelle, a company that develops the combination of traditional design and digital media. I worked there until the end of 2011 when  I decided to move back to Cordoba, Argentina.

From 2011 until these days I’ve been working as a freelancer creating graphics  for published, printed and digital media. I also do Website design. I have advanced knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, and I  prefer using Woprdress as a website platform.

I have been working as a freelancer for 5 years now and have clientes from New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, Argentina and USA.


work experience

2011 - now


Graphic and Web designer

Works as a freelance graphic and web designer in Cordoba, Argentina. Has clients in Argentina, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Mexico and United states. Most of the latest projects l have been part of were related with the digital area. At the moment I belong to a team, planning and designing a mobile app to be launch in the next 6 months. I'm also designing a rehab platform for Geminus-Qhom that helps health professionals assign rehab exercises through a web app.

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graphic and web designer

Worked as a graphic and web designer for Lachabelle a Graphic and Media design Company in Christchurch New Zealand. Working at this firm was very challenging and a great experience, I had to design from wrought iron pieces to sustainable homes brochures.

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Project Manager

Worked as a project leader in the graphic area for O.D.D.A an achitecture and design company in Cordoba, Argentina. While working I was also finishing multimedia design, so I had the opportunity to apply what I was learning at school at work. Also my employer Adrian is a University teacher, so he was very generous shearing his knowledge with me.


Grupo Quantum

graphic and media designer

Worked as a Graphic designer for Grupo Quantum a Graphic and Media design Company in Cordoba Argentina. My first steps as a professional were done here, I had the chance to learn from the best, being part of very interesting projects that were my first portfolio pieces.

Education experience


Multimedia Designer Degree

Multimida Design

Multimedia Designer – IES siglo 21 in Córdoba, Argentina

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Graphic Designer Degree

Graphic Design

Graphic Designer – Unversidad Empresarial Siglo 21 in Cordoba, Argentina

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English Studies

I have studied english in the British School from Cordoba apart from attending primary and secondary school. I have passed the PET and BULATS exam. Living in New Zealand for 3 years helped me to be more confident and comfortable with the language.


Portugues studies

Portugues School Student

Last two senior years at Emilie de Villeneuve School Sao Paulo, Brazil

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My clients

I work for Great agencies, here are some of them